Co-living stands out as being so much more than just a room in a shared house or apartment. It is a term you may have heard but may not be entirely clear on its meaning.  This recent housing option offers residents a number of shared living spaces and at the same time the privacy and quiet space of their own bedrooms. There is an emphasis on the shared spaces which will typically include lounge, dining and kitchen areas as well as other recreational rooms such as a movie room and rumpus/ activity room and a study/library area. The interior and its facilities tend to be to a designer standard and offer a high level of comfort.  This pleasant living environment allows easy socialising between residents and this is where it offers an instant network of new friends to share your time, activities and interests. Yes, Co-living offers a stylish living environment and connects you with other like-minded individuals.

Target audiences will vary in different Co-living residences . Some will attract more outdoor types, while others may target those involved in academia. There are those that may be looking for specific age groups – it is all aimed at bringing people with similar interests or stages of life together. It’s a perfect style of living for those new to a city or who want to meet a new set of ‘mates’. To help develop that ‘family’ or ‘community’ feel, activities are often organised by the house manager  in the weekends. A weekly meal such as a Sunday dinner is sometimes included in the rent and this also provides a perfect opportunity to come together with the co-residents.

Co-living accommodation will usually be centrally located in prime positions with easy access to public transport. The rent is inclusive of internet, professional cleaners, laundry facilities and all utilities. Residents just need to arrive with their personal items, bed linen, towels and food.

So, there you have it…give it a try and see where your Co-living journey takes you!